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All of Wholearth’s farm income and livelihood ended when Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) ordered the farm into quarantine in January of 2010.  Montana Jones vs. the CFIA,

UPDATE: As of March 20, 2017, the CFIA have still NOT paid any owner Montana Jones any compensation whatsoever for all of her healthy heritage sheep the Canadian government killed.

We need your help to ensure Wholearth Farm continues on as a conservancy for rare heritage breeds, heirloom seeds and as a sanctuary for you to come and enjoy the farmstead. Please join us as a founding steward and get a free overnight farmstay for two in a little cabin in the back forty, or one of the farmhouse studios.

Your support has kept us going

For the past several years during the CFIA’s investigation and destruction of Wholearth Farmstudio, Montana Jones and the farm have relied solely on donations to stay afloat.

Your overwhelming kindness and generosity have been the only thing keeping us going. We’d like to build a more comfortable gathering place so if you join now, we’ll have a nice little cabin for you to sleep in when you get here.

Build it and you can come 

Pitch in now and you can book your farmstay in a little cabin in the back forty or in the farmhouse for later this year!

A member supported co-operative farm

We’re redefining Wholearth as a place where people can come together to exchange skills, learn, celebrate sustainable living, and eat well.

The 2017 season will be rich with outdoor music festivals, educational workshops, field-to-table feasts and monthly potlucks.

When you become an annual supporting member of Wholearth Farmstudio before May 24th, you’ll receive a seasons family-pass for free admission to entire lineup of events & priority registration on regular workshops.

You’ll also get that warm fuzzy feeling like snuggling a newborn baby lamb.

Become a Member for $97/yr

Why support Wholearth?

Members of Wholearth Farmstudio are helping to preserve and support a small farm, that they can continue to enjoy throughout the year with regular events, workshops, festivals, dinners and other resources.

Small farms themselves are an endangered species, and by supporting Wholearth you’ll be helping to ensure we can continue to share our beautiful space with you.

Mortgage relief effort
Legal defence fund
Farm support, infrastructure & campaign fees


Music brings us together in celebration

Music is an inspiring and fascinating celebration of social justice, breaking down the barriers between those of faith, and no faith – it is not only fun – it lifts the hearts of all of us who believe in a better world and gives us hope for tomorrow.


Farm News & Updates

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