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A long history of the CFIA Trial & Investigation

August 2012

June 2012

Wake Up Call

Please Join our Wake Up call! Canada is closer and closer to losing it's Agricultural Biodiversity—SIGN THE PETITION to insist Canadian Food Inspection Agency stops killing rare heritage livestock breeds and implements a new exemption for all of Canada's heritage horses, pigs, cattle, goats, poultry and waterfowl to prevent CFIA from destroying any more healthy rare breeds.

CFIA finds and kills rare heritage flock—ALL NEGATIVE for scrapie

CFIA test results are back... ALL NEGATIVE for scrapie, as I knew they would be. Killed for nothing, all those genetics gone. I do not believe for a moment that the CFIA alleged 15S ewe was a true positive. She died here of toxemia, zero symptoms, in excellent body condition, assessed by CFIA vet Douglas MacLeod the day prior who concurred on her pregnancy related ailments. CFIA desperately needed to claim a positive was in the flock to fight the judicial review about their actions against me and my flock. I and 5,000 other petitioners don't buy it.

Michael Schmidt speaks out on CFIA killing Montana Jones’ Shropshire sheep

I have been asked by the Farmers Peace Corp to speak on their behalf on the sad occasion of today’s unnecessary killing of 31 rare sheep. I have no knowledge about the different people involved. I do however have repeatedly publicly encouraged the need to act because of the gross misconduct and history of corruption by CFIA officials and their disrespect and ignorance towards a common sense solution as an alternative to killing.

Sheep found in Chesley, Ontario farm

The strange yarn of the fugitive flock – heritage sheep said to be related to the first sheep that came from England to Canada – is coming to a messy end after food inspection officials finally found at least some of the quarantined sheep stolen in a high-profile bid to save them from the slaughterhouse. Canada Food Inspection Agency officials found 28 sheep and has started to kill them, said their owner, Montana Jones. The sheep were apparently found on a farm near Chesley, Ont., not far from the Lake Huron shore but a five hour drive from her farm in eastern Ontario where they went missing.

May 2012

April 2012

CFIA raids farm to seize and kill 9 Shropshire sheep

On Friday, April 27 at approximately 7:15 p.m., four CFIA agents and 2 security guards arrived at Montana Jones’ Hastings Ontario farm with an order for the destruction of 9 Shropshire sheep that remained on the farm after 31 sheep went missing earlier this month. They left two vehicles “guarding” the premises overnight. The CFIA inspectors returned Saturday, April 28 at 8:00 a.m., loaded up the 9 sheep, 8 of which were due to have lambs, and drove them approximately four hours to slaughter in Nepean.

Ewes vs. Them

The owner of a rare heritage Shropshire sheep flock is taking Canada's Minister of Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to court. Shepherd Montana Jones has filed a federal court application for judicial review of the Order of Destruction that CFIA issued to kill her 31 apparently healthy sheep...20 which are pregnant and due to lamb....