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What are you doing
next summer?

You may be eager to find out if you’re born to toil the soil. Or perhaps the creative sort, looking to find flow in a rural retreat.

Would you like to spend next season living on a beautiful 100-acre organic farm where you can slow down, build things, have fun, create, work hard, grow in many ways, learn stuff, get tired, find time, eat well, be inspired and connect with the simple things in life?

Are you yearning to breathe, move, dig, stretch, plant, sweat, paint, make music, write, weed your garden, get lost, and find one of your many selves?

You might really like it here.

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Win an acre for $50

We’re giving away a summer for two in your very own one-acre tiny homestead on Wholearth Farmstudio. The tiny cabin to be built will look much like this one. Tiny cabin to be built similar to this one

To enter, submit fifty bucks and around 300 words about what you would do with your own acre for a summer. If you’d rather submit a 1 minute video that’d be fine too.

We’ll be selecting the single best entry to come and live in their own private tiny cabin, full or part-time, independently or with a cohort, for the summer 2016 season. You’ll have use of the greenhouse, one acre personal organic garden of incredible tilled, stone-free soil beside a spring-fed pond. You can even have your own heritage hens to look after, unless you prefer a farm fresh dozen eggs every week from our girls. Your stay will run from Victoria Day weekend through to Labour Day (Value over $1800.00).

You’ll also win our hearts for helping preserve Wholearth.

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Contest Rules & Regulations

You are agreeing to the following rules when you enter this contest:



You must be 18 years old or older to enter.

You can be a national of any country.

You do not have to live in Canada to win.



Contest will begin on November 12th, 2015.

Please send entry fee and 300 word essay or 60-second video before December 1st, 2015.

A second Final Round with extended deadline of *December 31st, 2015 may be implemented if 5,000 entries have not been received by December 1st.

If 2,500 entries have not been received by December 1st please send condolences because the farm will not be long for this world.  Yours, nor mine.

Any entry posted after the above deadlines shall not be eligible to win.

Winner will be contacted by phone and email on January 11th, 2016.


Each entry must consist of an original 300-word essay written in English or a 1 minute video of  “Why would you like to spend a summer at the farm?

After your entry payment you will have the option to submit a 300-word essay or a one minute video.



Payment via Paypal only (Paypal account which accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American express). For each essay the entry fee is CAD $ 50.

Multiple entries: An entrant may submit more than one entry but it must be a new essay and include an entry fee for each submission.

If the owners do not receive at least 5000 entries after the final round December 31st, 2015 deadline, entry fee (minus PayPal fee) will be returned with written request

The right to claim the Prize cannot be transferred by the Contest winner, nor can it be redeemed for asparagus, garlic, berries or lambs. Waves and good natured back-slapping, yes.

If the Contest winner is unable to claim prize then the first runner up from the 11 finalists will receive prize.


Three judges will review the entries, which will be based on creative merit, enthusiasm, charm and all round awesomeness.

The winning submission will be chosen out of 11 finalists which and will be announced on January 15th, 2016.



“Force majeure” events such as hurricane, earthquake, actions of governmental authorities outside of the control of the Sponsor, could be a condition to cancel the Contest.

Farmowners are not responsible for telecommunications, network, electronic, technical or computer failures of any kind.

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The owners reserve the right to modify these rules for clarification purposes without materially affecting the terms and/or conditions of the Contest.